Guide to the Week of Music: Sebastian Plano, Nick Waterhouse, new sounds and visuals

Welcome to the Guide to the Week of Music, a round-up of music news, media and releases from the wide musical world. This week, we explore the new Sebastian Plano record, made in the wake of his master files being stolen and representing an artist response to the theft he experienced. We also focus on Nick Waterhouse’s eponymous album for the repeat listen and soak up some new sounds and visuals from around the world.

Sebastian Plano’s ‘Verve’ is a musical response to adversity

For contemporary musicians, theft can be a heartbreaking occurrence with far-reaching consequences. Mercury KX artist Sebastian Plano was a victim of theft himself in 2013, when a laptop and drives containing master files for his newly-finished album Verve, along with material for an EP were stolen. Without backups, reference files or sheet music, Plano was left to ruminate over the recordings he had lost; the composition, arrangement and production ideas he may not be able to capture or replicate.

This was a story Plano shared on Facebook recently, as he explained the creative process that had led to his new album Verve – the record created after his masters had been stolen. Plano now feels that what started as an awful experience ended up becoming an artistic challenge to rise to, an uncontrollable event that shaped his creative response thereafter. His attitude and approach is an inspiring one, that will hopefully come to the comfort of musicians who has also lost instruments, ideas and expensive technology in uncontrollable circumstances. His new album Verve, a calming balm to suppress the rage that theft might cause, is released today. Check out his Facebook post with the story below and stream his new record here.

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