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Learn tunes from musicians around the world!

In each of the videos below, a musician will teach you a tune from their heritage. They’ll introduce the tune, and play it at different speeds for you to learn and play-along with! They’ll also give you tips about ornamentation and styles on different instruments. You can listen, pause and practise, and have a new tune under your belt in no time!



Angharad Jenkins – Y Cambro Brython

Angharad Jenkins is a musician and composer specialising in traditional Welsh music and culture. She plays fiddle in folk group ‘Calan’ celebrated for breathing new life into Welsh traditional music. The tune ‘Y Cambro Brython’ features on Calan’s new album ‘Deg-10’, available at

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Orkney, Scotland

Douglas Montgomery – Netherbow

Douglas Montgomery loves music. He is a strings instructor in his homeland of Orkney, and fiddle player with Saltfishforty and The Chair (BBC Alba Scottish Folk band of the year 2008). He has taught in Orkney schools for almost 25 years and won MG BBC Alba Scottish Music Tutor of the year 2014. In 2016 Saltfishforty ‘Bere’ was nominated for Album of the year. The Chair will be releasing a brand new album this spring.

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Jo Freya – New Lincoln

Jo Freya plays and sings in the iconic band Blowzabella. Her instruments include soprano and tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet and whistles. Jo can also be seen performing with Narthen, Moirai, Token Women and The Old Swan Band as well as running her own boundary breaking young composers project through her organisation Komposit.

The tune ‘New Lincoln’ comes from The Full English Archive, and is catalogue number WCL- 29.

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Emma Reid – Donats Glömda

Emma Reid grew up in the northeast of England and started playing the fiddle at the age of three with her Swedish mother. In 2006 Emma became National Fiddler in Sweden, where she is now based. Emma tours, records and teaches extensively throughout Scandinavia and Britain, often collaborates with storytellers and dancers, and has worked as theatre musician at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

The tune ‘Donats Glömda’ ia from the manuscript of Sven Donat; corporal, musician and composer from Småland, southern Sweden.

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Trinidad & Tonago / England

Jermaine Peterson – Pan in A Minor by Lord Kitchener

With a strong, soulful voice, and a meticulous ear for music, singer and songwriter Jermaine Peterson is able to flow naturally between genres such as soul, reggae and spoken word. Jermaine has played the Steel Pans since the age of 4, appearing on television shows such as, ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ aged 7, ‘Blue Peter’ aged 9, and performing for HM The Queen as she arrived at Manchester Victoria Station aged 11.

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Gillian Frame – Cota Mor Ealasaid

Gillian Frame is a professional Scottish fiddle player and educator based in Glasgow, Scotland. She was a founding member of Back of the Moon with whom she toured for seven years, seeing them win various accolades including Best Folk Band at the Scots Trad Music Awards. Gillian was the MG BBC Alba Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year in 2001, and in 2012, was awarded Music Tutor of the Year at the Scots Traditional Music Awards. Her 2016 solo album ‘Pendulum’ is hailed as a modern classic of the Scottish Folk genre.

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Bryony Griffith – Slingsby’s Allemand

Bryony Griffith is regarded as one of England’s finest traditional fiddlers and distinctive singers and has a broad repertoire of traditional English dance tunes and songs. Her 2018 album of traditional fiddle tunes ‘Hover’ received 5 star reviews and award nominations including fROOTS Editor’s Album of the Year.  “An affirmation of the time-honoured value of folk music… sublime!” Colin Irwin, Mojo Magazine

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Orkney, Scotland

Brian Cromarty – Holm Band Tune

Brian sings and plays a variety of fretted instruments, his favourite being whichever is in his hand at the time. He is one half of Orkney duo Saltfishforty, and a member of The Chair. The Holm Band Tune is a traditional Orkney jig and you can find a version of it on

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