Core Values

A day or night out should be a fun, safe and memorable experience for everybody.

We welcome everyone regardless of age, nationality, disability, gender or sexuality. To ensure you all have a great time at Band on the Wall, all we ask is you adhere to our core values:


Band on the Wall is inclusive, diverse and international. This runs right through our lovely team, to our core mission statement, and our programme. Everyone is welcome. Don’t feel anxious or excluded. Wear what you like. Be who you are. We’re not the kind of place where you get asked to leave for not wearing the right shoes. We have a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. If you’re made to feel uncomfortable, or if you see anyone behaving inappropriately let one of our staff know, and we will sort it.

Personal Space and Inappropriate Behaviour

A lot of people are still getting used to being in crowds again. It’s been a difficult couple of years, so please be understanding of each other’s personal decisions on social distancing and mask wearing.

We will not stand for inappropriate behaviour of any kind. If you witness or are subjected to sexual harassment, intimidation, unwanted invasion of your personal space or any other form of disrespect, let a member of staff know and we will deal with the situation in a way that makes you feel comfortable – we’re prepared to do anything from have a quiet word to contact the police.


Band on the Wall is a fully accessible venue and we offer free carer tickets for those that need them. Please see our Access page for full information.

Health and Wellbeing

If you’re not feeling well – for whatever reason – just let us know. We’ll do what we can to help, from giving you a chair and a glass of water, to letting you out for some air, to calling an ambulance should you need it.

If you have taken something that’s made you feel unwell, please do tell us what you’ve taken and how much. There will be no judgement.

We will not eject vulnerable customers without first ensuring they are ok and have some support, or have sobered up enough to travel home on without help. We will not serve you if you are too intoxicated. This is the law. Those who are overly drunk or intoxicated will not be served. We will also refuse to serve someone who is buying a drink for someone who is too drunk or intoxicated or doesn’t want it.


Feel free to take the odd photo to share with your mates. But don’t use flash. Ever. It ruins the vibe, gets on everyone’s nerves, and makes your photos look rubbish. (But the best way to enjoy a gig is to put your phone away and enjoy the moment!)

Loud Chatting

Be mindful of loud chatting at quiet gigs. Your friends might be fascinated by your anecdotes and note-by-note review of tonight’s gig, but everyone else might not be. Sound travels during quiet shows, so if you fancy a chin-wag, please use the lovely bar.

Suspicious Behaviour

If you see anyone acting suspiciously, report it. We want everyone to have a fun and safe time, so if you come across something not quite right, tell security or a member of staff.

Be excellent to each other. Tip the lovely bar staff. Say excuse me if you bump into someone.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email or call 0161 834 1786.