Five fantastic things A Queer Revue brought to Swan Street

With eight magnificent parties in the rear view mirror, A Queer Revue! has one final fling prepared to bring proceedings to an end in fitting style! The minds behind Drunk at Vogue brought an array of brilliant music, dance and cabaret to Swan Street during their two year stay, the likes of which hadn’t been seen at Band on the Wall prior to their arrival. They introduced us to dazzling live acts, absorbing media and performance projects as well as fascinating LGBT history during the Manchester Histories Festival, developing our appreciation of LGBT culture and history throughout and beyond Greater Manchester. Ahead of tomorrow night’s finale, which features Violet & Beau, The NIghtbus and Barnacle Beryl among others, we look back on five fantastic and unique things that the club night introduced to Swan Street.

The sound of Le1f

A Queer Revue’s opening night was a carnival of colour, with media and visuals adorning the screens of the Picturehouse bar. Le1f’s brilliant video for Wut was one of the most eye-catching inclusions, subverting rap video clichés with its production design and dance content.

The choreography of Joshua Hubbard

Joshua Hubbard performed a breathtaking contemporary dance routine to FKA Twigs Two Weeks at A Queer Revue’s opening night, before returning to vogue with Haus of Decay later in the series. When Joy Social warmed up the club for Mood II Swing’s set a year later, he was again centre stage and brought his same unique and expressive dance style to proceedings. A truly absorbing performer!


The karaoke contest received an injection of freshness with ‘Dragapella’; the novel vocal competition ‘for queens with a real voice’. Many entered, each entertained but a select few stole the show, like 2017 winner Ms Eva Serration!

Tarot reading

A good clubbing experience can be life affirming, but might not herald the same revelations as a Tarot reading from Barnacle Beryl! Tarot reading was just one of the many things that brought a sense of the mystical to the bar during A Queer Revue.

Cutting-edge live music

For the Manchester Histories Festival special, A Queer Revue! Unleashed four exceptional Manchester bands on the venue, each responding uniquely to LGBT culture through their respective sound and aesthetic. Ménage à Trois were one such captivating band, whose sound still resonates with us.

Make sure you’re in attendance for the final A Queer Revue! on 9th December!