Mr Scruff Keep it Unreal ft. Mikey D.O.N

  • Saturday | 03.03.18
  • 10.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • DANCING £12 / FU...

The original Manchester residency in its 18th year! Scruff & extra special guest Mikey Don will be rolling up their sleeves for a 5 hour session of jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, disco, deep house, reggae, afrobeat, latin, electro, techno, new wave and plenty of goodies that don’t fit into any category. All welcome, regardless of age, nationality, mobility, gender or sexuality. Regulars & first timers getting down together… mixed up music for a lovely mix of people!

Long time DJ Mikey D.O.N. has been getting busy behind the turntables for over 30 years. From Krispy Three to Axis Sound system to MAIDM, he is always on it! His rep is mainly based on Hip Hop & Reggae, but this man’s crates run very deep indeed.

Please don’t use phones on the dancefloor.

We ask this because we want the dancefloor to be a place where everyone can be in the moment. If you’re tweeting, texting, bidding for a pair of socks on eBay or taking a picture of your friends, you’re not only out of the moment, you also might be making it hard for someone else to be in the moment. The bar or balcony is a much better place for this.

Be nice to everyone. Tip the lovely bar staff. Say excuse me if you bump into someone.

We have reduced the capacity by 50 people to give more space to dance. Use this space to throw some extra special moves. Respect other people’s space. If someone’s making you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let Security or someone who’s working know. We will try our best to nip it in the bud.

We always hold back a few spaces on the door, so do come down early if you don’t have a ticket.

We’re an accessible venue. More info on venue accessibility here: