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Band on the Wall is keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and to take the necessary steps to meet their requirements. Our venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

We work closely with Attitude is Everything to improve deaf and disabled people’s access to live music, whether customers, performers or staff and are proud to be the first small venue in the country to be awarded Gold Status on the Attitude is Everything charter.

We were also recently featured in Age UK‘s ‘accessible event venues in the UK’ spotlight article, which you can read here.

There is level access to:

  • The main venue ground floor (slight down gradient as you enter the main door)
  • The adjacent Picturehouse Bar ground floor
  • Education rooms (via lift at Picturehouse ground floor level)
  • Recording studio (via lift)
  • A/V studio (via lift)
  • The stage (via Picturehouse ground floor)
  • Artist dressing rooms (via lift) with adjacent accessible toilet and shower room
  • First floor offices

There is a step between the Picturehouse Bar ground floor and the main venue ground floor; however, this can be avoided either by exiting from the Picturehouse Bar and re-entering the main venue (via the red door) or via a lobbied ramp between the two spaces. Please ask at the bar or box office for assistance. Band on the Wall aims to have all its staff trained to assist disabled people.


If you have mobility issues that require a personal assistant to attend with you, please contact the Operations Team on 0161 830 3888 or email .

Assistants gain free access, though one week’s prior notice is preferred.



Blue badge holders may park with a badge and clock displayed for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line (so long as no loading restrictions are in force). The clock must be set to show the time of arrival. This applies on Swan Street where Band on the Wall is located and in all surrounding streets.


The main public toilets are in the basement, accessed by stairs from the main venue and the Picturehouse Bar.

There are five accessible toilets, all with level access, in:

  • the main venue, accessed from the corridor on the right, as you face the stage
  • the Picturehouse, on the left, as you face the bar
  • the basement, for the use of artists only, next door to the dressing rooms
  • the corridor on the first floor, for the use of staff and users of the education facilities
  • the Band on the Wall offices, for the use of staff only

The entrances to all the accessible toilets are 92 cm wide and the internal dimensions are 2m x 2m. All are fitted with grab rails and electronic alarms. The internal dimensions of the accessible toilet/shower room for artists are 3.3m x 2.3m.


The lift is only used by staff, artists going to the dressing rooms and visitors to the offices or education rooms. The entrance to the lift is 90cm wide. Internally the dimensions are 1.2m wide by 1.5m deep. There is no requirement to turn in the lift as there are exits/entrances on two sides of the lift at the relevant levels.


There are several types of seating at Band on the Wall and the layout varies considerably depending on the event. If you require more information about the seating for a particular event, please telephone us on 0161 834 1786 (weekdays between 10 am & 5pm) or email

Seats cannot be reserved; but if a seat is an access requirement, please let us know in advance (ideally minimum of one week) and we will arrange for you to have a seat. To to so, please contact the number or email address above. Alternatively, arrive early and take a seat on the fixed banquette seating at the front of the venue. Even when an event is advertised as ‘standing only’, there still is banquette seating on both sides of the dance floor/public area in front of the stage.

We do not allocate a specific area for wheelchair users; we give the option of where you wish to view the stage. However, if you require assistance to find a viewing position, please ask a member of staff and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

The banquette seating is 40cm in height – seat base from floor. Other loose chairs are 46 cm in height – seat base from floor. On the balcony, which is not accessible by wheelchair users, the high stools are 75cm in height and the low stools 46cm in height. The stools are backless.


Strobe lighting is used during some performances as a visual effect.

Safety is a key concern when using stroboscopic lighting effects. A proportion of people with photo-sensitive epilepsy may be affected by strobe lighting, and the effect may also produce undesirable sensations amongst the general population if used without due regard. If strobe lighting is being used at an event, it will be clearly signposted at the box office and around the venue and Picturehouse Bar.

Where strobe lighting is in use, we minimise the risk of causing photosensitive epileptic seizures by ensuring:

  • Only competent persons are allowed to set up or operate stroboscopic lights
  • The flash rate is kept at or below 4 flashes per second
  • Flashes are synchronised when more than one strobe light is used
  • We use light intensity as low as can practically create the effect
  • Distance is maximised between the lighting source and audience, performers and staff
  • Strobe lighting is mounted as high as possible above head height
  • To reduce glare, where possible strobe lights are bounced off surfaces or diffused by other means
  • Operation of continuous strobe lighting over long periods is avoided when possible.


Guide Dog and Assistance Dog owners have important rights under the Equality Act 2010 (EA). Details can be found at

Assistance Dogs are welcome in the venue and Picturehouse Bar. A bowl of water can be provided.

Guide Dogs assist people who are blind or who are visually impaired. They usually wear a white working harness with yellow reflectors and tags on their collar. A Guide Dog with a red and white harness indicates the owner is deaf blind. Hearing Dogs assist people who are Deaf or who are hearing impaired. They wear a burgundy coloured coat with “hearing dog” written on the coat. Assistance Dogs, Support Dogs or Dogs for the Disabled assist people with many different tasks ranging from alerting people when their owner has a seizure, carrying items, loading and unloading washing machines and many other tasks. They wear a purple coloured coat. An identity book has also been introduced. This yellow covered “passport” sized book has details of dog and owners plus photographs to enable identity to be verified. Not all owners will have been issued with this identity book.


Feedback on access issues is welcomed: please contact our operations team on 0161 830 3888 or email We also welcome feedback on Euans Guide or TripAdvisor.


Listen to our audio brochure for November to December below.