LTJ Bukem

  • Friday | 23.11.18
  • 11.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • ADVANCE £12.50 <...

LTJ Bukem is the living embodiment of the post-acid house entrepreneurial creative spirit. He is a mild mannered energy flash whose panoramic musical vision has found success in every area he has explored.

From running soundsystems to cutting up breaks at raves, from relocating the heart of breakbeat culture to redefining the spirit of drum and bass, the man known to his friends as Danny Williamson has sat at the forefront of breakbeat evolution, lighting the way with little more than a zest for life and a love of music.

Presented by Foundations, all profits from this show go to The Sunshine School and Nursery in Gambia, Africa.

The Nursery in Gambia has been set up to children from the local community a place to learn, grown and receive an education which would be hard for most to afford. The school is run on donations but has grown and is on its way to becoming self sufficient.

The brain child of Joe Nebula2 & Cherno Gaye (Gambia) the school has been built up from scratch and is now in its second year, providing education for local children between the age of 4 – 15 years.

Foundations has so far raised over £4,000 which has provided meals, uniform, teacher training, wages and equipment. All the profits from their nights go directly to the school and they thank all involved for their support. Music rules and can provide for all.

Find out more on the school here.

This is a standing show.