The Importance of LTJ Bukem

There’s a reason why LTJ Bukem still draws a crowd. Why his early 12” singles have appreciated since their release in the early-to-mid-nineties and why journalists believe that the sound they encapsulate is far from finished. It’s part of the same reason why hundreds of mixes, radio broadcasts and bootlegs featuring his work have been meticulously archive online and why producer/instrumentalists like Tenderlonious share unashamedly their youthful desire to be signed to his label. Put simply, the producer and DJ is one of Drum ‘n’ Bass’ all-time greats.

Mild mannered, yet prepared to speak up when necessary (as he did when iconic London club Fabric faced closure,) his principled nature and explorative streak have long benefitted his creative endeavours. The unusual samples that he brought to his productions in the early days gave them the cutting edge, while his appreciation for the breadth and history of the music he loves, gives his DJ sets a sense of being crafted for old heads and newcomers alike.

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting LTJ Bukem at Band on the Wall numerous times during the past few years and are thrilled to welcome him back again this month, especially considering the great cause his forthcoming show benefits. Presented by Foundations, all profits from it go to The Sunshine School and Nursery in Gambia, Africa. The idea of Joe Nebula and Cherno Gaye (the former of whom plays before Bukem on 23rd November) the nursery has been set up to give children from the local community a place to learn, grown and receive an education that would be hard for most there to afford. The school runs on donations but is growing and well on its way to becoming self sufficient. Funds generated help to provide meals, uniform, teacher training, wages and equipment. So when you turn up to the dance, you’ll be beaming extra-wide knowing the good that will come of your decision to get down! Find out more and pick up tickets here.

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Friday | 23.11.18

LTJ Bukem

Band on the Wall, Manchester