Nick Sinna describes how the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation will honour Marcus’ legacy and how you can be involved

Since the untimely passing of DJ and producer Marcus Intalex in Spring 2017, numerous artists, promoters and music fans have warmly remembered not only his outstanding music, but also his supportive nature and acts of altruism. We saw it first hand at Band on the Wall, where up-and-coming DJs became Soul:ution regulars, but it was also felt amongst the artists whose first records, he released. ‘One of Marcus’ greatest passions was to encourage and guide aspiring music talent,’ reads a recent statement by the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation, established in order to support and nurture musical talent through workshops, studio sessions, seminars and events. The foundation is a fitting vehicle to honour Marcus’ legacy and as foundation MD Nick Sinna explains, it is something many people can be indirectly or directly involved with.

‘Right now, I would say the public can keep in touch through our website,’ he suggests. ‘We have an amazing schedule planned for next year, with information being released imminently… you’ll be the first to hear about it there. We’re also really keen to hear from any initiatives who would benefit from our outreach work. This includes our workshops and the other aspects of our programming, but also any advice or creative input that might be helpful to their needs. Similarly, those that would like to develop collaborative opportunities with us. Our aims of our outreach work is also to help establish a framework where we can support each other. We believe working together in this manner offers great advantages all round, as well as strengthens the creative potential of our city.’

Since the Polarity event in Marcus’ honour back in July, Nick explains that, ‘formalising the foundation and developing our programming has been the main focus. Evolving those initial ideas into what can be the most interesting and engaging programming has been core to how we have moved forward. There’s still plenty to do,’ he reiterates, ‘but for now we wanted to put this event on to raise awareness, and also funds/sponsorship – which will be key to our progress.’

The event in question is a night at The White Hotel on 2nd November, featuring DJs involved with the project from which funds will go toward initiating the 2019 programming.

‘Marcus has helped numerous people with their development.’ Nick explains. ‘It’s difficult to note merely a single example of this, but I’m certain friends like MC Drs, Dub Phizix or DJ Marky would say Marcus’ input and guidance has unquestionably provided them with the knowledge to achieve successful careers.’ His Soul:r label, upon which all three of the aforementioned artists released material, became a trusted and respected name during its sixteen-year stretch. Nick suggests that, as it was ‘very much Marcus and his own vision’ if the foundation were to consider releasing music as a result of their projects, it would be something new, of their own accord.

Nick concludes, ‘the foundation could not exist without embodying Marcus’ ethos and his willingness to support those who have a passion. Sadly Marcus is not here to continue that, but not long before his passing he had made it known that he wanted to give even more time for young people interested in music – hopefully with the help of the foundation and the amazing network we have willing to dedicate their expertise and time, we can continue to work in this spirit.’

The Fossil Archives label archives recently announced new music made by Marcus (under his Trevino alias) in collaboration with label founder Roberto. Check it out below and keep up with the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation via their website, Facebook page and Instagram account.