Stream Denis Jones’ 3333 in its entirety ahead of this month’s album launch show

Manchester-based multi-instrumentalist Denis Jones is a guarantor of musical quality; when you see his name associated with a project, expect inventive results! In recent years, the loop-building guitarist has undergone ‘metamorphosis into a drummer, producer and mixing engineer’ and new album 3333 is both a reflection of that process and a final chapter to his album trilogy, first conceived in 2003.

Having premiered Jazz Squared – a track which began as an idea for jazz guitar but morphed into a piece of minimal electro-acoustic pop – via CLASH, Denis is streaming the album in its entirety on Spotify. It features contributions from vocalist Leonore, but was otherwise a solitary endeavour. Graham Massey, whose group Toolshed support Jones at his album launch show, and DJ/producer Mr Scruff provided invaluable guidance, but aside from mastering at 80Hertz studio, all knob-twiddlery and production was the work of Denis himself. Working at Old Granada Studios – ‘the perfect ground for artist development’ – Denis has drawn from an array of influences including mythological, religious and science-fiction texts in this work. Most of the albums songs come in at exactly 3:33 in length but this doesn’t in any way inhibit the material, adding to the modern dystopian undercurrents of the record.

Having witnessed him support the likes of Marconi Union, The Comet is Coming and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Band on the Wall in recent times, we can’t wait for the headline show which will launch his gripping new album. As previously mentioned, Graham Massey’s Toolshed provide live support and DJs Jon K and Rob Bright will control the evening’s musical mood. Check out the record below and pick up tickets for the 18th April show here.