What to expect from Abstract’s Hip-Hop classics set

In Edan’s 21st century classic Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme, he backtracks to think of the greatest of all-time: early originators like DJ Kool Herc and Coke La Rock, through to ’90s innovators like Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch. Abstract Orchestra do much the same when tackling a classics set; inspecting the annals of rap music and digging out the finest cuts for ensemble recreation.

After phenomenal demand for their sell out show in February, the 16-piece ensemble return to Band on the Wall on Friday 10th March for Pillars of Hip-Hop, a night celebrating old school hip-hop and the legacy of greats like J Dilla and Biggie, whose passing was 20 years to the date. They’ll be revisiting the classic Dilla works once again, but also throwing down a bonus classics set, comprised of some of the meanest hip hop tracks ever cut. Jamie Groovement and Taste the Diff’rence DJs take proceedings into the early hours, capping off the hip-hop extravaganza.

We’re not going to give away exactly what you’ll hear in the classics set, but here’s a playlist of classic tracks, co-chosen by Orchestra leader Rob Mitchell and Band on the Wall staff, to tickle your tastebuds.