Telling Our Stories: South Asia

Telling Our Stories: South Asia is our broad and integrated programme which engages people through a range of activities (at different levels) with the heritage of the neighbourhood, including research, learning and performance to celebrate local unsung, untold or hidden musical histories, bringing diverse communities together to celebrate the city’s multi-faceted music heritage.

Throughout the project we’ll be conducting Workshops and performances in schools and care homes, plus additional events and exhibitions here at Band on the Wall.

Telling Our Stories aims to research, uncover and share stories behind the heritage of migrant communities of the area. We aim to create participation opportunities for the community, encourage content creation, skill learning, and the expression of creativity, and engage with the local community, and develop greater interest in Band on the Wall.

Explore this area to find out about what we’ve been doing, and how you can get involved in Telling Our Stories!


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As part of Telling Our Stories, we’re conducting a series of workshops in schools and care […]

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Exhibition: Where Does Our Musical Heritage Come From?

Manchester is a vibrant modern city, with a rich heritage that includes influences and cultures that […]

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This exhibition was presented as part of the Telling Our Stories: South Asia event at Band on the Wall on 17th July 2022, accompanying a free performance by the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band.


As part of Telling Our Stories, we're conducting a series of workshops in schools and care homes where young and older people alike can discover the music and cultural heritage of South Asia.

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