We Are Live Events presents: Transmission – The Accident Group, Catbandcat, Martial Arts

  • Friday | 11.08.23
  • 8.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £7 / £9 OTD


We Are Live Events brings you a brand new transmission live from Manchester’s Iconic Band on The Wall!

The Accident Group

The Accident Group are on a constant quest to write the ultimate pop song, forever waylaid by rock & roll. 
Their debut single ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ is available to stream now.


The Glasgow Guardian writes: Post-art school or mid-2000 indie, Catbandcat brings stylish silliness, reminiscent of Black Country, New Road and Shame and in equal measure Stufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire. 

Martial Arts

Martial Arts formed gradually, through playing on bills with other bands, agreeing to pints with strangers met the night before, and an overarching love for new British post-punk. Hailing from across the UK, they developed and refined a sound for 9 months, before beginning to gig across Manchester, to fantastic early reception.

Artists on stage: 9.15pm
Curfew: 3.00am
Stage: The Bar