Trembling Bells + special guest James Kelly

  • Tuesday | 18.05.10
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £8.50 Gener...


Trembling Bells are Alex Neilson’s song-based group who seek to ‘reanimate the psychic landscapes of Great Britain and relocate them to some vague, mythic land where basic human crises are encountered and conquered’.

Watch them live and you soon realise these intriguing ambitions are realised brilliantly as Trembling Bells synthesise earlie musik modes and traditional folk with pure psychedelic noise, bombastic classic rock and wonderful vocals to create a true departure into virgin territory. Strangely strange but oddly normal – catch this wonderfully eccentric band who create a clearing amongst the trees of Albion’s more enchanted forests and invite you to come in and listen…

 James Kelly is one man plus classical guitar and bass drum pedal that crashed with critical acclaim onto the acoustic scene earlier this year.

James’ unique sound is a blend of frantic flamenco blues guitar driven by a constant, hypnotic house bass drum underneath, drawing on influences as diverse as The Mars Volta, Ben Folds Five, Raul Midon, The Eels, Jose Gonalez, Moloko, Jeff Buckley, Metallica and Slipknot. Described as veering between insane drone folk to flamenco, rock spectacular to something stranger, James has delighted and astounded the music press with his intricate fretwork and haunting vocals. 

This concert begins at 8pm.