Trees.R.Good [Live Band] Single Launch + Mara Cruz

  • Wednesday | 18.10.23
  • 8.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Early Bird £5 / ...

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Trees.R.Good (they/them) announces their debut single ‘Origins /roots/’ from their self-titled concept album – a sonic exploration of trees.
Through bass-driven electronica with overarching influences of Jazz, field recordings and multi-lingual spoken word, Trees.R.Good asserts the innate and unbreakable connection between human life and natural entities, from /roots/ to /canopy/ and beyond.
Backed by their 7-piece live band, science & music merge to draw us closer to our environment at a tiome of ecological crisis, with the ultimate message: Trees Are Good.
Special guests will feature fellow player from the Nubya Garcia Residency for Brighter Sound, part of an ever-evolving community of creatives challenging the genre-based status- quo of UK’s musical landscape.
Join them for a night of wonderment, contemplaJon, and rekindling to Nature and Community.

Mara Cruz
Mara Cruz is an Angolan singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Portugal until migrating to the UK in her early teens.
Mara’s musical journey begins at the young age of 5 singing in church with her mother and eventually she picked up the guitar after the influence of her brother at the age of 9. Her musical background stems from South African Gospel, Semba and contemporary worship. After joining the praise team at 11 the passion for playing instruments flourished & the independent learning didn’t stop there. Now at 21 she plays guitar, bass, piano and is learning the saxophone in hopes of exploring music from a different angle.
Mara’s music ranges from Nu-jazz to Gospel including reharmonization and a soulful churchy feel.
For the future Mara aspires to take her music all over the country and successfully grow into the role of a music director and session musician.

Bar open: 5.00pm
Artists on stage: 9.00pm
Curfew: 1.00am
Stage: The Bar