Trees.R.Good [Live Band] Single Launch + special guests

  • Wednesday | 18.10.23
  • 8.30pm
  • Band on the Wall
  • Early Bird £5 / ...

MulJ-instrumentalist and producer Trees.R.Good (they/them) announces their debut single ‘Origins /roots/’ from their self-Jtled concept album – a sonic exploraJon of trees.
Through bass-driven electronica with overarching influences of Jazz, field recordings and mulJ-lingual spoken word, Trees.R.Good asserts the innate and unbreakable connecJon between human life and natural enJJes, from /roots/ to /canopy/ and beyond.
Backed by their 7-piece live band, science & music merge to draw us closer to our environment at a Jme of ecological crisis, with the ulJmate message: Trees Are Good.
Special guests will feature fellow players from the Nubya Garcia Residency for Brighter Sound, part of an ever-evolving community of creaJves challenging the genre-based status- quo of UK’s musical landscape.
Join them for a night of wonderment, contemplaJon, and rekindling to Nature and Community.

Artists on stage: 20:30
Curfew: 02:30
Stage: The Bar