Transglobal Underground presents U.N.I.T.E

  • Thursday | 03.06.10
  • 8.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12.50 Gene...

Transglobal Underground’s Ham Man Tu and Tim Whelan plus Jim Moray, Perunika Trio and more explore major international themes through music, newsreel and multi media. An amazing night of synapse-fusing music and visuals at The Band.

UNITE – A GATHERING OF STRANGERS is a project conjured up on a cold night somewhere in Central Europe by HAMID MAN TU and TIM WHELAN from the UK based multi-ethnic multi-musical collective TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND. UNITE stands for URBAN NATIVE INTEGRATED TRADITIONS OF EUROPE. Taking stock of their group of collaborators and co-conspirators across Europe, they were looking to create something that reflected both that network and the growth of the contacts and movements that have taken place over the time that Trans-Global Underground has moved back and forth across the continent. 

An exploration through music looking at exile, emigration and movement in space and time across Europe, mixing traditional music from the British Isles and Eastern Europe with electronic beats and modern instrumentation. This will also be an audio visual journey through Europe from one part of the continent to the other, with live VJing and newsreel footage from the last century. Expect an eclectic array of artists including Tim and Hamid from Transglobal Underground, Jim Moray, Martin Furey, the Perunika Trio and more surprises to be announced! 

This concert will begin at 8.30pm