Tim Berne’s Buffalo Collision + trioVD

  • Sunday | 28.02.10
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £15 General...

A compelling dream ticket comprising of two generations of jazz improvisors.

A rare chance to see a compelling dream ticket comprising two generations of world class improvisors. Buffalo Collision is one of the most unique and powerful bands around.  Long-time collaborators, saxophonist Tim Berne and cellist Hank Roberts are legends of the NYC Downtown music scene while pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer Dave King are members of The Bad Plus who grew up listening to Berne and Roberts.

The music they play together, all improvised, has a definite character of it’s own and they display an uncanny musical synergy creating funky, fractured and beautiful music of constantly shifting layers that is unforgettable

This is is a quartet that’s hard to conceive of, until you hear it – they combine the tight, spiky contemporary jazz impulses of cult covers band The Bad Plus with those of New York downtown saxophonist Tim Berne. The Guardian

The other half of the night is given over to trioVD. Hailing from Leeds, their visceral approach to jazz has led to their high voltage live shows, with their trademark mix of machine-gun drumming, wild improv antics of sax, electrics and spiky guitar, quite simply blowing audiences away.

“...earth-shattering, taking a sledgehammer to preconceived limitations of jazz…” “
Time Out

“The flow of brilliant and busy ideas is unstoppable and breathtaking”
BBC Music

This seated concert will begin at 8pm.

Buffalo Collision

Tim Berne – alto saxophone
Ethan Iverson – piano
Hank Roberts – cello
Dave King – drums