The South + King Brasstards

  • Sunday | 22.09.24
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £23 EB / £25 Ad...

The South are back on tour doing what they do best – performing the songs of that great British pop institution, The Beautiful South, to the people who love these timeless classics!

Following the demise of The Beautiful South in 2007, this group have been touring all over the UK for 14 years to bring back these treasured songs and keep them alive.

This impressive 9-piece band feature former members Alison Wheeler and Gaz Birtles. Gaz and Alison took lead on vocals since the departure of Dave Hemingway, now with help from new member and trumpet player Gareth John. They are also joined by Phil Barton on guitar, bassist Steve Nutter, drummer Dave Anderson, Karl Brown percussionist, Su Robinson on saxaphone and keys by Andy Price.

Artists on stage: 8.00pm
Curfew: 11.00pm
Stage: The Venue