The Manchester College: Passion After Midnight (free stream)

  • Friday | 14.05.21
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester

A free streamed show by students from the Manchester College.

Everything & You are a collective of young musicians from the Manchester College. Passion After Midnight is a mixed genre pop/rap album covering a diverse range of themes from obsession to love and hardship. Our rappers (Kay and Rumi) and vocalist Luca, bring us on a lyrical journey through the troubles of love and loss. Kay, Rumi and Luca delve deep into the struggles of their own lives to bring to you this album. The first song of the album ‘Can’t You See?’ tells the story of a man trying to convey his love to a woman. This paves the way into other songs such as ‘Nothing’, about a man who has become obsessed with someone, quickly moving from a light, uplifting tone to a dark and sinister one.

“If an album only has one theme, It can get dull. We tried to diversify the album not only with various themes, but also with different genres.”- Luca Testa, singer for Everything & You.

During the difficult months from early September 2020 to May 2021 the band found it very difficult to record the album due to lockdown restrictions. Many of the band members had to overcome this problem by mixing, mastering and recording from home. Many parts of the final album were also recorded in Band on the Wall such as the chorus of “Don’t Believe It”.

Can’t see the stream? Refresh this page shortly before the advertised start time.