The Lone Bellow, at Dulcimer

  • Thursday | 06.03.14
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £08.00 Adva...

Band on the Wall is pleased to present Brooklyn based, The Lone Bellow at Dulcimer, Chorlton.

Playing what they call “Brooklyn country music,” the Lone Bellow are a group of transplanted Southerners who deliver a passionate, soulful, acoustic-based alternative rock Americana.

The Lone Bellow’s music is anchored in American folk, country, and gospel traditions. But they are more than a roots band and closer to pounding, anthemic folk-rock, with songs that are introspective and inspiring, vocal harmonies that are crisp and clean.

The trio’s self-titled debut is exuberant in its playing, welcoming in its attitude. Though the lyrics have a melancholic undercurrent, the tracks are more often rave-ups than ruminations, with swelling harmonies and rousing group-sung choruses. The Lone Bellow is one of a kind.