Syrian Club Night with Boshoco + Chafik

  • Wednesday | 26.06.24
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £8 Concession / ...

Operating under the Boshoco moniker, Philippe Zarif, a Syrian music producer, DJ and human rights lawyer, has performed on stages around the world before returning home to become one of the pioneers of the new era of dance music in Syria.

Raised in Aleppo, a city rich in culture and music, Philippe continuously finds inspiration in his surroundings to create a unique style stemming from a playful fusion of leftfield electronic dance music and contemporary music from the Arab region. Boshoco’s sounds are imbued with rhythms, melodies and grooves incessantly enriched by his collaboration with artists and producers in the Arab World.

Philippe’s overarching goal is to reclaim cultural heritage and participate in reshaping narratives. Thus, a significant focus of his efforts equally lies in empowering young emerging musicians and artists. Philippe’s dedication to supporting potential in the region, goes beyond his own musical career, he has led the efforts to create an alternative art scene in Syria, organizing events and promoting new sounds, artists and dancefloor values to an emerging scene. A practice, from, and through which the artist finds meaning and inspiration in his creative work.

Ultimately, Boshoco’s music is meticulously crafted for the dancefloor with the intention of serving as a communal space where individuals can freely express themselves and connect with each other.

We are committed to making Celebrating Syria accessible to everyone. For each ticketed event three different prices are available, following the ‘solidarity economy’ approach. The highest price is intended for high waged, the middle price for low and medium waged and the lowest price (always £1) for unwaged. This means you can choose the price that suits you. By choosing a higher price, if you can afford it, you are supporting the festival and enabling lower earners to attend festival events. We base our ticketing structure on trust, so no evidence of income is required. As usual, asylum seekers can attend all events for free. If you require £1 or free tickets, please contact or on 0161 222 9779.

Bar open: 6.00pm
Artists on stage: 8.00pm
Curfew: 1.00am
Stage: The Bar