Sweetfacemagazine: Otala, Yaswadah, Fruit

  • Wednesday | 22.11.23
  • 8.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £3 Advance / £5...

Sweetface Magazine is an independent music and art outlet based in Manchester/Sheffield supporting upcoming artists and performers through unique live events, combining all elements of modern creativity. 

Otala bio: 

“Their eloquent fusion of post-rock, freeform jazz, post-punk and spoken word sets them apart from the crowd as one of the most unique acts to emerge from the city in a very long time” – Under the Radar Magazine

Draags Bio:

Leeds five piece Draags fuse elements of hardcore, punk, prog rock, metal and dance into powerful performances; featuring punchy horns, theatrical vocals and heavy rhythms.

Artists on stage: 8.30pm
Curfew: 1.30am
Stage: The Bar