Sunday Acoustic Sessions

  • Sunday | 12.02.12
  • 6.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester

Band on the Wall’s free entry Sunday Acoustic Sessions continues with another fine lineup, plus an open mic sessions from 7-9pm.

Rik Warren

Rik Warren has been a regular player on the Manchester folk and blues circuit for many year’s, featuring in numerous line ups including Ernie’s Rhythm Section and Honey Feet. Rik’s beautiful solo material is now taking centre stage and wowing audiences around the city.


Naymedici play folk as it should be played, loud. Combining gypsy licks, Irish reels, punk guitars and thrashing drums, Naymedici have burst on to the UK and Irish music scene with an original fresh sound that is both in your face, and a lot of fun!


Emphemetry is the musical guise of Richard ‘Biff’ Birkin, a musician from Derby and founder of Time Travel Opps. Sometimes taking the form of intimate folk songs, ambient soundscapes, instrumentals, piano pieces, audio tinkering or post-rock; the music is more often than not inspired by the liminal, quiet timelessness of a city at night and the reflections or flights of imagination that happens then and there.