Sunday Acoustic Sessions feat. Rook And The Ravens + Leonie Evans + RoBoT aLiEn

  • Sunday | 23.09.12
  • 6.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Free entry.

Band on the Wall’s Sunday Acoustic Sessions continue, featuring the following great lineup:

Rook And The Ravens: “Young, bold and unfathomably talented’, Rook and the Ravens are a super-tight 5-piece from the Dark Peak, who play articulate, edgy, self-assured rock/folk/pop, packed with energy, hooks and harmonies. Playing out the Sunday Sessions Summer with a very special acoustic set.. make sure you don’t miss this!

Hailing from London, Leonie Evans is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who defies comparison. Her songs elegantly fuse jazz-style chord progressions and melodies with a haunting, minimalistic playing style and a voice, both delicate and powerful, which grips form the opening note and refuses to let go.

For all the cynics out there, RoBoT aLiEn (aka Robert Allen) is living proof that there are still interesting and innovative Indie song-writers left in Manchester. Sharp lyrics, catchy melodies.. great tunes.

Doors open at 6pm and there will be an open mic from 6.30pm. See you down there!