Sunday Acoustic Sessions

  • Sunday | 29.04.12
  • 6.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester

Band on the Wall’s Sunday Acoustic Sessions continue, featuring the following great lineup:

Bo Weavil: Bo Weavil are more than just a folk outfit.  The band come across as a positive string orchestra with some melodica and harmonica thrown in for good measure. Pure foot-stomping excellence!

David Faitala: After accompanying Alexis McLean in February, Sunday Sessions is delighted to welcome back David Faitala, who returns to Band On The Wall with a full set of his own original songs. An accomplished classical guitarrist, David is now proving to Manchester audiences that he’s a dab hand as a singer/ song writer as well!

Death To The Strange: Death to the Strange are five lads with a passion for making genuine and interesting music that is true to their working-class roots. Unafraid to make unusual noises and tackle real-life topics in their lyrics, their songs are sharp and philosophical, yet instantly memorable, speaking to even the most hardened northern souls.

Doors open at 6pm and there will be an open mic from 6.30pm. See you down there!