Folk Band


  • Friday | 26.02.10
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £10 General...

They might bear the tools of the folk musician and use odd traditional tunes as their source, but Spiro have as much affinity with the worlds of contemporary classical and dance music as they do with the folk scene. This four-piece contemporary ensemble take a meticulous approach to composition and performance, creating a sound much greater than their parts (accordion, mandolin, acoustic guitar and violin) would suggest. 

Their music is sweeping, majestic and cinematic; marking them out as kindred spirits with Steve Reich, Michael Nyman and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  It’s a unified but never uniform sound, one made by four virtuosic musicians pulling in the same direction and keen to provoke an emotional response in anyone within earshot. 

Melodies that bleed through the warp and weft…breathtakingly moving….you should most definitely catch them live. Without a doubt it’ll be quite a spectacle.” BBC

Unsettling, exhilarating and highly impressive … Fascinating and, I suspect, unique.fRoots

This seated concert begins at 7.30pm.

In association with Bang & Olufsen of King Street