Soul:ution ft. Loxy, Spirit, Marcus Intalex, Bane and MC DRS

  • Friday | 27.02.15
  • 11.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Tickets available...

Soul:ution is back, with the city’s most influential drum & bass heads exploring all the best nooks and crannies of a pretty massive genre together with guests Loxy & Spirit.

Loxy (Metalheadz / Cylon / Xtinction Agenda)

Loxy’s productions, selections and blending style having helped influence pretty much all the elements of d&b from the first days of the now seminal Blue Note club up. A B-Boy and fan of hip hop and electro in the late 80s, he naturally fell into pirate radio broadcasts, opening his eyes to the futuristic sounds of acid house and techno. He hunted down vinyl with insatiable dedication, and started to share his collection and talents behind the decks. His accretion of dubplates, mixed with his own darker, dub influenced productions make his sets stand out. Loxy heads up Cylon Recordings, as well as a joint imprint with Keaton of the Usual Suspects, Xtinction Agenda and his most recent imprint, Cx:Digital. His discography and DJ sets under the Loxy name, alongside his label endeavours tend to speak well enough – and loud enough – for themselves.

Spirit (Certificate 18 / Phantom Audio / Metalheadz):

Spirit aka Duncan Busto, is founder of Phantom Audio alongside partner Digital. A solid figure in d & b, he played alongside Mr. C. and Colin Faver before starting produce his own racks as Spirit and setting up studio with Klute (Certificate 18) mid 90s.  His tracks gained strong support from LTJ Bukem, Peshay, Grooverider and Fabio amongst others. Now, producing with Digital, the pair have proved to be a invisible team releasing tunes on Metalheadz, Timeless and Photek. This is a man who knows his stuff, and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us.

And of course, Soul:ution residents, the iconic Soul:r crew, Marcus Intalex, Bane (Eastern Bloc) & MC DRS will take hold of the rest of the night to heat up the city!