SNO presents Prodiiiiiii + Sarah Bates + Tom Edney

  • Friday | 17.02.23
  • 10.00pm
  • Band on the Wall
  • £5 Advance

Sarah Bates>>>::Cyberlearic:: neo-tropical songstress and music maker who’s not afraid to explore the moodier realms of the jungle, the cosmos and beyond through her modest collection of sound boxes. Sarah’s music shimmers with high voltage currents whilst delivering a resplendent and elevating signal which seems to synchronize body and mind into a hallucinatory hologram. Vocals smear into keyboard passages before returning to focus with an angel-noir characteristic. Expect heavenly, synthesizer-led future-ballads and weightless dance hypnosis which Sarah guides with effortless precision and an unignorable stage presence.

Releases on Banoffee Pies and Ruf Kutz, brilliantly received, and feverishly collected, have so far only poked gently into her vast, exquisitely constructed repertoire of music; all of it sublime, all of it captivating – which she’ll be unleashing on you for her live performance at Band on the Wall. Engage pleasure sensors, your sonic spirit guide is here.

Prodiiiiiii (always written with 7’is)

With Motswako as a launch pad for his music, Prodiiiiiii is a Pretoria-based hip-hop artist, musician and an MC whose themes have centred around the state of township economics, toxic masculinity, misogyny and violence from a perspective of a black man.