Skye and Ross

  • Friday | 04.11.16
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £18.50 ADVANCE

This is a standing show.

For over a dozen years, Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards had been playing across the globe as Morcheeba, but Ross’ brother, Paul – their co-producer, with whom they’d founded the band – had stayed at home. During this time, the inevitable separation between what happened in the studio and what happened live had become increasingly pronounced, and whilst watching a band perform a raw, gutsy set from side of the main stage at an Australian Gold Coast music festival, the singer and guitarist shared an epiphany… “Why don’t we make our records feel more live?”

The result of this revelation is SKYE | ROSS, an album that pursues its own musical path while returning to the roots of the sound that made Morcheeba a household name back in the late 1990s. It is, Ross explains, “what Skye and I do naturally when you ask us to make music together, and yet not necessarily a continuation of what we’d been doing with Morcheeba. It therefore felt only right to give it a new identity.”  The album will be released September 2nd on Cooking Vinyl.

Coinciding with the new album, Skye and Ross will play at Band on the Wall in Manchester on 4th November as part of a UK tour. They will premiere new music from the album, as well as play fan favourites from Morcheeba.