Sister Elements presents Grandmas Party

  • Sunday | 15.07.12
  • 6.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £8 advance<...


Following 10 years as hip hop artist Sarah Sayeed, Sister Elements now emerges in 2012 as a new voice of modern soul / jazz / blues, still remaining true to her skill as a lyricist but embracing fresh creativity with larger or more accomplished jazz outfits. Working with the Michael Cretu Trio for the Manchester Jazz Festival 2012, this is a gig combining both large soulful numbers that expose her voice in a new light , combined with smaller more understated expositions of her material with the established Manchester based outfit. 

In the run up to the artists’ long awaited debut album The Elements, to be launched later in 2012, the artists performs her original numbers to include That Thing, Closer and Ashona, alongside an exclusive rendition of Rosetta Tharpe’s Trouble in Mind.  Grandma’s Party hopes to deliver an evening of promising material and artistic honesty from an artist with new jewels in her musical crown. 

This show starts at 7pm but our Picturehouse cafe bar is open earlier for food and drinks.

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Presented by Manchester Jazz Festival in association with Band on the Wall