Scanner meets Ian Boddy: presented by subliminal impulse Electronic Music Festival Ambient Sunday

  • Sunday | 26.06.22
  • 4.00pm
  • Hallé St Peter’s
  • £18 Advance


Scanner (British artist Robin Rimbaud) traverses the experimental terrain between sound and space connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres. Since 1991 he has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings, the albums Mass Observation (1994), Delivery (1997), and The Garden is Full of Metal (1998) hailed by critics as innovative and inspirational works of contemporary electronic music.
To date he has scored 65 dance productions, including the hit musical comedy Kirikou & Karaba Narnia, Qualia for the London Royal Ballet, and the world’s first Virtual Reality ballet, Nightfall, for Dutch National Ballet. More unusual projects have included designing sound for the Philips Wake-Up Light (2009), the re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 2012 and the new Cisco telephone system used in many offices around the world.
His work Salles des Departs is permanently installed in a working morgue in Paris whilst Vex, the residential house by Chance de Silva architects, featuring his permanent soundtrack, won the RIBA London Award 2018.

Committed to working with cutting edge practitioners he collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Wayne MacGregor, Mike Kelley, Torres, Michael Nyman, Steve McQueen, Laurie Anderson and Hussein Chalayan, amongst many others.

Ian Boddy is a North-East composer who has been recording & releasing Electronic Music for the past 40 years. During this time he has released a huge catalogue of music as well as performing hundreds of concerts both in the UK as well as in Germany, The Netherlands & the USA. For the past 20 years he has run the Electronica label DiN which has over 80 releases by an internationally renowned collection of artists including Robert Rich, Node, ARC, Erik Wøllo, Bluetech & Markus Reuter. He also composes music for TV, documentaries and films and has done sound design work for the likes of Apple, Camel Audio, Soniccouture, Zero-G & Time & Space.

This specially commissioned performance comes in three stages. Ian Boddy will perform solo followed by a solo performance from Scanner. Scanner and Ian will then perform a duet to close. Expect the supernatural.

Described as a “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3), Caro C is a composer, producer and performer of creative electronic music. She loves to get into the sound, carefully sculpting each sound world using found sounds (everyday objects and sound), her voice, piano and technology. Her fourth album “Electric Mountain” is out now carrying themes of interconnection and respect (personal, interpersonal, planet and universal). Caro also creates music and sound design for film, theatre, dance and works in podcast production including Sound On Sound magazine. Caro is the instigator and project manager of electronic music charity Delia Derbyshire Day. Her passion and expertise includes working as a mentor, teacher and a researcher on “Sisters with Transistors”, a feature film about women pioneers of experimental electronic music. For this “one-woman electronic avalanche” (BBC Introducing), it’s ultimately about humanity via technology.

This special ambient live show will involve voice, synths, lampshades, a colander and other objects with live sampling and mixing to build a textural sound world for you to bathe in.
Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan has seen two albums released to critical and popular acclaim under the much respected Castles In Space imprint. The first album, “Interim Report, March 1979” was released in February 2021, and made the Top 20 of Electronic Sound magazine’s albums of the year. The second album, “People & Industry”, also sold out.
A third album, called “Districts, Roads, Open Space” is due in the autumn.

“A potentially overwhelming experience for anyone ever separated from their mum in a crumbling multi- storey car park”-Electronic Sound

“An on-boarding seminar for a distant time and place, when specks on the map of England had enormous cooling towers on their horizons”-Bleep

K of ARC is an audio/visual artist from the North of England, working with samples, synthesis and hand-built instruments. Utilising spectral drones, electronic atmospheres and ritual drums, K of ARC draws inspiration from weird sci-fi, Industrial New Towns, non-human encounters, magnetic hauntings and Cosmic horror, performing occasional live shows, including The Delaware Road Festival, The Lowry Theatre and The Holden Gallery, Manchester. K Of Arc’s debut album is out now on Cruel Nature Records.

Manchester’s Dave Clarkson has been involved in electronic music for over three decades, with more than 30 releases to his name, including five Guide albums created from field recordings. For the festival, he will play a selection of music made from caves, forests and other recordings.

Jaydev Mistry is an exponent of cinematic and ambient guitar creating evocative textures, atmospheric pads and glitch effects manipulated into haunting riffs and melodies. Jaydev has designed and built an augmented guitar which is populated with various electronic sensors that allow him to manipulate his instruments sound, enabling him to push the guitar into sonic territories not usually associated with this instrument.