Room 90 – Celebrating the Sound of 1990s US House & Garage

  • Saturday | 17.09.22
  • 10.00pm
  • Band on the Wall (Bar Stage)
  • Free

A celebration of the classic US house sound. Soulful, deep, disco-drenched delights.

Into the night, seasoned DJs with heavy record collections will play the finest cuts of a sound that can’t be beaten. A style that’s still being produced, danced to and adored around the world. As that New York sound bumps and bounces, without discrimination we’ll also explore the inspired; Europe, Italy, UK, Africa, Australia and across the globe. Also a nice slice of what came first in Chicago, The Loft parties and the like. Being the powerhouse that it is, we felt that an evening of dancing and celebration in music-loving-Manchester was long overdue.

Band on the Wall’s beautiful new sound system gives you the chance to lock into that infectious groove and stay there until the end. An unpretentious serving of the best of a sound that’s created so many memories (with the vision of creating even more). See you lovely lot on the dance floor! x

… and oh yea, it’s free 🙂

Warm up for Saturday with this extra-special ‘No Guest List’ All Vinyl Mix straight from Room 90 HQ: