Rare Groove (Live Session) presents Collette & The Dots + Bee Rosebud + Moot Points

  • Friday | 30.08.24
  • 8.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £3 EB / £5 Adva...

Rare Groove deliver the goods once again, bringing a holy trinity of electronic, drum and bass, soul, jazz and funk to Band on the Wall.

From Bristol, led by singer/songwritter and drum & bass queen Collette Warren, we have Collette the Dots. The band needs no introduction, combining electronic and live instrumentation, expect a diverse range of styles from drum & bass, soul, jazz and funk! With one of the most distinctive voices in DnB, Collette has crafted a great career and made amazing moves since her arrival, having worked with big names such as DJ Marky, Skeptical, Tyler Daley and Charli Brix to name a few. Marking her as a true icon of the genre.

Our next guest goes by the name of Bee Rosebud. An extremely talented singer/songwriter and instrumentalist from Manchester. Her soul driven music is captivating and her performances are not just concerts but an experience, inviting audiences to delve deep.

Our final support for the evening are experimental outfit Moot Points from London. Moot Points fluidly merge Latin rhythms, lo-fi textures, and improvisational jazz elements to craft a distinctive sound. Their dedication to pushing creative boundaries establishes them in the vibrant range of jazz fusion.

Artists on stage: 8.30pm
Curfew: 3.00am
Stage: The Bar