Rafael Andia

  • Monday | 28.06.10
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £20 or &pou...


Born in France of Spanish Republican parents, Rafael Andia is one of world’s great exponents of Spanish  traditional guitar. Band on the Wall is delighted to welcome him to Band on the Wall for this very special fundraiser for Innersound.

After having first studied the violin, at the age of eighteen, Andia embarked on playing Flamenco Guitar and moved on to Classical Guitar soon after.  His strong Hispanic influence led him to pioneer the development of the Spanish baroque guitar. Also a composer very much in his unique style, Andia’s compositions lie in the unexplored realm midway between Flamenco traditions and scholarly music of the Iberian Peninsula. His Canciones Flamencas Antiguas appear in the repertoire of guitar duets all around the world. Rafael ANDIA has been teaching baroque and classical guitar in the famous Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris since 1971.


Innersound  acknownledges  Mr. Andia’s  kind support for this charity event. For the past 12 years, we have been at the forefront of natural health in the UK, providing our vital energy (Qi) treatments to thousands of people suffering  from stress  and  helping  them  deal with symptoms of various ailments. 

Special QI Treatment

At the concert, if you wish,  you can purchase our fundraising £50 QI Treatment, so not only you can listen to Rafael Andia’s magic, you can also arrange to have a Qi treatment at our centre and try this unique method to create new levels of well-being, vitality and happiness. Qi treatments uses powerful vocal sound frequencies to transmit waves of vital energy in the system, which in turn release toxins, built-up blockages and tensions and balances negative emotions. People  can feel refreshes and rejuvenated. Anyone suffering from chronic pain, low energy or feeling trapped in the grip of negative emotions will discover how their energy system can be recharged and energy blockages opened to restore natural balance we so desperately need.

The funds raised will help us set up a worldwide website for Vital Energy  Meditation to  benefit people in vulnerable position, living in prolonged high-stress mode, (unemployed, teachers, youth at risk,  prison inmates & staff, addicts in recovery, homeless, etc..) 

If you wish to donate or purchase a fund-raising ticket and book your Qi 
treatment please contact us: manchester@innersound.org   or call 0161 834 5681

This event will begin at 7.30pm