Plant Food Disco + Lazy Bones

  • Thursday | 18.08.16
  • 5.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • FREE

A rare intimate performance from the Manchester underground, live in Band on the Wall’s Picturehouse Bar – Plant Food Disco and special guests Lazy Bones.

Ever felt really sorry for a Robin Reliant? Ever tried to bend your writing with a banana pen? Ever struggled hysterically to tie your own shoe laces? Ever sat down flabbergasted wishing you’d set the gear up first? Ever never believed your own fucking luck? Ever blinked the sky & changed it into another colour? Ever thanked a machine, marvelled at a cooling tower or apologised to a dog? Ever desperately willed the traffic lights to change? Ever been so short of hands your arms ache? Ever been so short of legs you just can’t stand still? Ever fallen down the stairs but never spilled a drop? Ever rooted down the back of your couch to copper up? Ever worn out a waffle board with your best cutlery? Ever miraculously functioned with the efficiency of Kraut Rock? Ever sat up all night watching all your plants grow? Ever been freaked out by the cascading frontal flow of cat’s eyes? Ever realised you can’t get anything right? Ever realised you’ve got it all wrong? Ever realised you’re a perfectly abnormal human being? Then welcome…