PC Music ft. Hannah Diamond + Felicitia + Caro

  • Friday | 29.04.22
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £16.50 advance

PC Music is a label and art collective, founded and actively run by producer A. G. Cook. Since its inception in 2013 it has grown to become one of the most recognised multidisciplinary collectives to shape pop culture today with its marvellous strangeness and blunt sound design.

Having arrived with a boom into the spotlight in 2014, the remarkable aesthetics and genre-bending production of PC Music and affiliated talent engaged press and the most credible taste-makers from Boiler Room to RA, resulting in various stage-takeovers at Field Day, SXSW, Red Bull Music Academy festival and a sell out show at Pitchfork Music Festival London.

Pitchfork described PC Music to be the “most confounding pop-music phenomena to appear in a long time” whilst Fact Mag named PC Music to be the label of the year in 2014 and Dazed described PC Music as “the most exhilarating record label of the 2010s”.

The label have amassed a number of significant production credits, including Rita Ora’s chart breaking ‘Let You Love Me’ single co-produced by Easy Fun, Charli XCX’s Charli album, co-exec produced by A. G. Cook and Tommy Cash’s single ‘Little Molly’, co-produced by Felicita and A. G. Cook.

PC Music collective’s far-reaching culture capital is not only reflected in the extravagant production which permeated pop music but also in visual arts with Hannah Diamonds photography and visual talent taking her to projects such as shoots with Olly Alexander (Years and Years), Offset, Sundara Karma, Fendi and Sophia Webster.

In 2021, PC Music released a number of exciting projects including Caro’s ‘Heartbeats/Heartbreaks’ album, Namasenda’s debut mixtape ‘Unlimited Ammo’, Hyd’s self-titled EP and A. G. Cook’s ‘Apple vs. 7G’ album, which consisted of remixes of songs from Cook’s two 2020 albums Apple and 7G.

With a number of releases scheduled and a label showcase at Primavera Festival already in place for 2022, PC Music is set for an exciting year ahead.

A standing show.