Pan Amsterdam + Blind MIC at YES Basement, Manchester

  • Tuesday | 23.10.18
  • 8.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £8 ADVANCE / £1...

We’re teaming up with Now Wave to present jazz/hip-hop mover Pan Amsterdam in the YES Basement. When Pan Amsterdam washed up on the coast, he was wearing an oversized black velvet jacket with a cigarette burn, black jeans and two different coloured church socks. Further along the coast we found a trumpet case WITH a trumpet inside of it, in the case’s side zipper there was a mouthpiece, valve oil for the horn, and a drive with masking tape on.

Clearly from the U.S.A, with a North Eastern American accent, we haven’t been able to pinpoint his exact birthplace; Brooklyn conceivably, Manhattan maybe, Jersey perchance? 

It didn’t take too long to notice that Pan Am had a knack for making words rhyme as he talked, even in regular conversation, no doubt a result of his trauma.

Along with thatmanmonkz, Def Pressé made a suitable home for Pan Amsterdam.

As for why Pan Am was found at sea we don’t fully know. Most recently we are investigating a tip-off that a Jazz trumpet player was lost at sea, having jumped ship from a Neo-Soul, Smooth Jazz cruise.

This is a standing show. A Band on the Wall fundraiser.