Murcof & Francesco Tristano

  • Monday | 15.11.10
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12.50 Gene...

An atmospheric and intuitive cross-genre collaboration between Mexican electronic composer Murcof and classical pianist Francesco Tristano. An ongoing project initiated in 2007 from their shared base in Barcelona, and now gathering new momentum with the preparation of a debut album, we are delighted to welcome them to Band on the Wall for what promises to be a thrilling concert.

The two musicians come to this collaboration from contrasting but complimentary perspectives – Murcof as a highly influential electronic producer who releases on The Leaf Label and has drawn inspiration from baroque and 20th century art music performing a triumphant concert at last year’s Futuresonic Festival in Manchester; Francesco as one of classical music’s rising stars, a pianist who has repeatedly sought encounters outside the concert hall, performing with dance legends Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald, and forming his band Aufgang.

The collaboration starts at the meeting point between these two worlds, and explores the common ground and tensions between them. The performance is a unique and moving blend of acoustic improvisation and electronic processing that feels entirely integrated. Francesco’s deft touches seem to evolve freely, splashing the sound field with chromatic colour and propulsive percussive textures, and intermingle with Murcof’s monolithic drones, heavy sub-bass and veiled melodies. There is a sense of brooding melancholy and limitlessness that absorbs the listener, touching on themes of life, death and eternity. 

This seated concert will begin at 8pm but Picturehouse Cafe Bar open from 5.3pm for delicious food and drinks