Motion North

  • Wednesday | 17.01.24
  • 6.00pm
  • Band on the Wall
  • £9 ADV / £12 OT...

A studio that has always been at the forefront of our industry is Universal Everything. A collective of artists and future makers. The pioneers of remote working, almost 20 years before it became trendy, they create new forms of moving image, interaction and immersive spaces. Two of their global collective Joel Lewis & Chris Mullany will be with us to discuss their work.

Joining them, and our very first none motion/animation studio, we are very excited to welcome Zelig Sound. Anyone working in our field will know them as industry leaders in sound design for Motion Design. We can’t wait to find out more about their creative process.

Artists on stage: 6.30pm
Curfew: 11.00pm
Stage: The Venue