Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo

  • Saturday | 13.11.10
  • 8.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12.50 Gene...

The colossus of authentic Congolese Rumba reunites with his legendary band Somo Somo who brought this wonderful and uplifting music to the world in the 60s. Its party time African style at The Band!

Mose Fan Fan’s reputation as a keeper of the flame of Congolese Rumba is well known. He began his successful career in the 1960’s playing with Orchestre revolution and TP OK Jazz and has branched out with Somo Somo, playing successful tours and  recording critically acclaimed albums Such as 1999’s Congo Acoustic and 2005’s Bayekeleye.

Now, for perhaps the last time the world will get the chance to experience Congolese rumba in it’s truest form, played by the very musicians who created it, as Mose Fan Fan has brought together all the musician’s he played with in the 60’s for a scintillating reunion tour.

Direct from Kinshasa TP OK Jazz, those veterans of rumba have risen from the rubble and will be coming to Europe for a one-off tour this autumn.

Seasoned players such as the famed Jean Marie Lago Saxophone, Victor Dinganga Saxophone, Michel Boyibanda singer, José Kalanzaya singer, Jean Pierre m bass guitar, Leon Musafiri rhythmic guitar, Maya Erick drummer will join forces with the legendary griot Mose Fan Fan at the helm.

Don’t miss your chance taste this delicious dish of pure African soul served to you sizzling and live by its original creators.

This concert will begin at 9pm but Picturehouse Cafe Bar open from 5.30pm for delicious food and drinks.