Modular Music School presents… Outside the Bedroom

  • Wednesday | 05.11.14
  • 8.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • FREE

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Six local young producers collaborate, create and perform Outside the Bedroom…
Modular Music School is a new non-profit arts organisation that develops and delivers innovative electronic music and digital projects. 
Based on the fact that we see very limited opportunities for bedroom and laptop musicians to collaborate and develop ideas as a group, we brought together 6 extremely talented emerging laptop musicians to explore ideas around collaboration and to develop new ways of performing collaborative laptop music live. 
The Outside the Bedroom programme introduced a number of different techniques for performing laptop music live, and gave them a framework for developing their ideas, as well a forum for constructive feedback. 
We had no idea what was going to happen. What happens when you put 6 producers from completely different styles and backgrounds who have never met in a room together and ask them to make some music. Well in this case, they made some really amazing sounds! 
This showcase is an opportunity to hear and see some of the results!
Doors to the Main Venue open at 8pm. Please use the Red Door.