Maddy Prior’s Forgotten Lands (Show Only): Manchester Folk Festival

  • Saturday | 21.10.23
  • 7.30pm
  • Hallé St Michael’s, Manchester
  • £18 Advance

Maddy Prior & Forgotten Lands is both a performance and an opportunity to learn, experience & explore traditional folk song with some of the very best vocal teachers in the business.
Maddy & The Forgotten Lands Band are touring folk festivals with a unique live performance and in addition also offering vocal technique workshops for festival goers, venues and concerts.

Maddy Prior and Rose-Ellen Kemp have been running Stones Barn singing courses and retreats for 20 years in their converted barn at Maddy’s home in Cumbria.

Rose-Ellen’s Speech and Language Sciences study and Maddy’s training as a singing teacher with the Complete Vocal Institute have added to their wealth of music industry and stage experience to create a unique offer of a creative yet scientific, experiential yet academic, fun yet valuable approach to teaching voice work.

Both life-long and accomplished songwriters, they love to arrange for voices and often sing traditional pieces together.
Now joined by Bridie Jackson (creative artist, folk award winner, instrumentalist) and Jerry King (piano accompanist, choir leader) a new group has formed under the name Forgotten Lands (so called after the farming movement and music festival in the border region where they are rooted).

Maddy Prior & Forgotten Lands will showcase what the human voice can do and encourage you to sing too. We will explain our vocal teaching methods and demonstrate why everyone should sing plus lots of powerful songs and lush four part harmony.

Bridie Jackson is a creative, versatile and Radio 2 Folk award winning musician based in the Northeast. Well known for her work as a Composer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Teacher, Choir Leader and Performer. She has worked on many and varied musical projects and commissions.

Jerry King is a skilled Piano Accompanist, Musician, Songwriter, Church Organist and Choir Leader based in Cumbria. He tours festivals throughout Europe in a group called ‘The League of Extraordinary Ukulele Gentlemen’.

Full festival tickets also available:

Artists on stage: 8.00pm
Curfew: 10.00pm
Stage: Main Room