Lunchtime Live – Julie Campiche Quartet: Manchester Jazz Festival

  • Sunday | 28.05.23
  • 12.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12 Advance


Harpist Julie Campiche’s work is an on-going process of musical innovation. Through research and experimentation she has developed the use of electronic effects that enhance the scope of her improvisational work. She has a very personnel technique and her own musical language.

Julie introduced her harp into the world of jazz and contemporary music in a very organic way. She now performs in numerous European clubs and festivals on a regular basis. Through her innate curiosity and desire for new experience she plays with groups that have diverse instrumentation and aesthetics. Be it theatre or contemporary performance, octets or duos, compositions or free-style improvisation, Julie infuses her music with an urgent fragility.

In Julie’s own words:

“As far back as I can remember everything related to community and how we live together has been the leitmotif of my vision of the world. Consciously or not, intentionally or not, everything we do contributes to our interdependence. It is where we meet, beyond divergence, beyond our differences.

As a citizen of the world, it is vital for me to share the values I believe in. As a musician, it is vital to me that my art weaves itself into the very fabric of our life on earth together. Music is the door to my imagination where my dreams blossom freely beyond the confines of reason and its subjective vision of things. Such dreams give rise to powerful creative emotions. And such emotions give rise to the strength and impetus I need to transform reality and bring my dreams to life.

It is my wish that my music helps the audience connect with their own dreams and find the strength to fulfil them.”

An unreserved seated and limited standing show. On sale 10am 24th Feb.

Bar open: 12.00pm
Artists on stage: 1.00pm
Curfew: 2.00pm
Stage: The Venue