Leverage Records presents A History of Hip Hop

  • Monday | 27.01.14
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £3.00 with ...

Explore the many histories of Hip Hop Culture, through Music, Dance and Art.

See top UK artists perform live at Band on the Wall, supported by Live Band

Discover some of the best upcoming DJ’s that Manchester has to offer

Shake a leg with some of Manchester finest Hip Hop/street dance crews Purchase artwork from some of Manchester’s finest street artists

Leverage Records presents a night dedicated to the history of hip hop and the influence it has had on the consciousness of today’s artists.

The Four Elements

The Drunken Munks

Drunken Munks are back! Now with a full band! Their debut single ‘Miracles’ is out now available on iTunes! Featuring… Jay McCurdy, Adi Walker, Franky Fearless, Paul Flemmings, Brendan Hegarty and Winston Merridith

Freestyle Fictionary

Freestyle Fictionary is a hip-hop comedy game-show that is held on the last Saturday of every month in Manchester. Some of the best artists from Freestyle Fictionary will be performing in order to express their very own experiences of Hip Hop Culture

Wherez Neekz

Neekz is one of the most revolutionary artists performing in the UK today. This young musician is an exciting prospect for all those interested in supporting upcoming artists. One to watch for sure!

Mothership Connection

Featuring local artists… Arch Stanton, Cheech, Dubbul O, Elkmann, Goshin, Legion, Marvs, Reuben

X-Men B Team

Live Band


Top MC’s…

  • Mischief
  • Flow 161
  • Eje
  • Ncube
  • Truce

There is no one history of Hip hop. Hip hop is a culture of music, art and dance. Hip hop is an important influence on many of us that live in Manchester today. It is part of the language with which we speak.  We celebrate the many histories that we live through music with a live band playing songs that influenced Hip hop, Hip hop grooves that were influential on us and contemporary music that is influenced by Hip hop. Artists from across the UK will share their music, culture and love of Hip hop with you.

This event will begin at 19:30 but our Picturehouse Cafe Bar is open from 5:30pm for delicious food and drinks. 

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