Ladybarn + Moby Dickless

  • Wednesday | 14.06.23
  • 8.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £4 Early Bird / ...

Manchester three-piece Ladybarn have set out
to explore light and shade through the means
of jazz harmony, alternative rock and catchy
hooks. The smooth blend of Ollie Walsh’s
rich vocal tones and soulful guitar chords,
Julian Wickenden’s melodic bass hooks and
Zak Osborne’s flowing drumming style
transports the listener through high energy
break-beats and heartfelt slow jams.

After forming in 2021, the trio have made an
imprint on Manchester’s thriving alt-rock
scene, impressing crowds with their hypnotic
on-stage chemistry and intricate, jazz
infused musical creations.

Ladybarn have appeared alongside local
favourites like Maruja, Moby Dickless, Evie
Eve and Yaswadah at venues including Band on
the Wall, Gullivers and Fuel.

Artists on stage: 8.30pm
Curfew: 2.30am
Stage: The Bar