King Creosote & The Earlies

  • Friday | 25.02.11
  • 8.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12 General...

Band on the Wall presents one of the highlights of the season – the one and only King Creosote performing with multi-instrumentalist psyche folksters The Earlies for this very special ‘travelling album’ project. 

Emerging from the incredibly rich Scottish alt-folk scene (that includes James Yorkston, Malcolm Middleton, Gordon Anderson and Dan Wilson), King Creosote is considered one of Britain’s finest singer-songwriters of recent years. Now King Creosote is embarking on a limited tour of a brand new project – an open-ended album-in-motion, molded and melded on this tour to quirky venues  – with 11-piece collaborators psyche-folk band The Earlies. We thought we’d let the King Creosote himself (aka Kenny Anderson) explain in his own words:

“At Fence Hallowe’en in 2009 King Creosote launched a new album entitled “my 1st bit of strange in 13 years”. So far so ordinary, except this album hasn’t been recorded, and exists only as an evolving live show. Since then the album has been performed another 9 times with several different line ups. Furthermore, members of an audience are encouraged to record these unique live performances for themselves, and to copy them for others if they so wish.

Recorded music has been devalued to the point where the making of an expensive record and subsequent touring is no longer a real option for most of us making indie music. Oh well, who cares that there’s few record shops left, and that studios are closing thru’ lack of business?

Well, KC & The Earlies do. In 2005 we made a cool wee record for 679 called “KC rules OK”. In 2008 we collaborated on a record for Domino called “Flick the Vs”. In 2011 we’re back to play the “11th, 12th & 13th bits of strange” across the county of Lancashire.

Recording these shows is optional, but highly recommended. We doubt there’ll be a studio version anytime soon.” Kenny Anderson (King Creosote)

This concert will begin at 8.30pm but our Picturehouse Cafe Bar is open for delicious food and drinks from 5.30pm. Special Offer! Book your meal in advance and get free ‘lucky dip’ tickets for a future concert – click here now for details