Julia Holter

  • Saturday | 07.12.24
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £22 Advance


Julia Holter blurs the boundaries between indie music, modern composition, and electronic music with free-flowing eloquence.

On early releases such as 2011’s Tragedy, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and composer combined bedroom recordings of droning electronics and distant vocals with inspirations as cultured as Euripides’ play Hippolytus. She explored different perspectives on every album, incorporating chamber pop and the words of Virginia Woolf and Frank O’Hara on 2012’s Ekstasis and reimagining Gigi — both Colette’s short story and ‘s 1958 film — on 2013’s bustling Loud City Song. Holter used traditional pop structures skillfully on 2015’s acclaimed Have You in My Wilderness, but 2018’s ambitious double-album Aviary and 2024’s flowing, intuitive Something in the Room She Moves underscored just how vital experimentation was to her expression.

Artists on stage: 7.30pm
Curfew: 10.00pm
Stage: The Venue