K’in Ensemble

  • Saturday | 01.04.23
  • 9.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Free

K’in Ensemble is a 15-piece fusion collective of classical, pop and jazz musicians based in Manchester.

Their music is influenced by the rhythms and musical inflections of non-Western genres such as flamenco, afrobeat, Latin and Middle Eastern music.

K’in Ensemble’s sound is exciting, vibrant, and incorporates a wide range of instruments and voices. Each piece is a journey through multiple grooves, soundscapes and textures. Members of K’in Ensemble at the jam will feature Mexican bass guitarist Alejandro Urbina-Diaz, Mexican percussionist Emilio Yanez Ruiz, Portuguese guitarist Maria Rocha, Italian violinist Elena Orsi, Belgian-Greek saxophonist Laetitia Alexandratos and croatian Prim player Karlo Hirzin.