Jubacana Summer School 2015

  • Saturday | 22.08.15
  • 12.00am
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £4 or whatever y...

Carnival drumming, music making and fun for young people aged 11-18 led by the young leaders of Manchester based Jubacana. No experience necessary, just loads of friendly energy and enthusiasm!

This introductory day will pass on some of the most exciting mass drum techniques of Brazil on a wide variety of traditional Northeast-Brazilian percussion instruments (all provided) as well as offer opportunities to play drum kit, guitars, and sing; bring along any other instruments you can bring to the mix! Infectious rhythms, melodic instruments and voices will join together to create a formidable youth sound like no other! Percussion instruments are provided, please bring your own melody instruments and amplification (email Jubacana for clarification if needed).

There are also regular weekly sessions from September featuring international guest musicians to look forward to! More info to follow…


Date: Saturday 22nd August

Times: 11:30am until 2:30pm

Price: £4 or whatever you can afford

To book, email info@jubacana.com. There are approximately 30 places for this summer school day, so please do email in advance where possible.