Jazz Guitar Course Autumn 2011

  • Saturday | 19.11.11
  • 10.30am
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Full: £125<...


Week 8 of a 10 week course

A 10 week course just for Guitarists who want to play Jazz taught by Kathy Dyson, award winning educator and performer. This new strand of courses at Band on the Wall starts with two classes for beginner and intermediate/advanced guitarists who want to extend their Jazz skills.

The classes will include new repertoire, downloadable resources, regular informal performance and jam sessions with materials and approaches adapted to individual requirements.

The Beginners Class will focus on developing overall musicality, good rhythmic sense, aural memory, improvisation, technique, basic repertoire, fundamental chord knowledge. The aim is to build confidence, technical ability and musical improvisation from the beginning, and for students to perform as soon as you feel ready. 

The Intermediate/ Advanced Class will work on more advanced aural transcription, a wider range of repertoire, chops practice, developing rhythmic as well as melodic ideas, and learning ways to use more sophisticated chord voicing in improvised solos.

The emphasis will be on creating an enjoyable, congenial and supportive group lesson with the aim of improving your jazz guitar playing – whatever your level.

Venue: Education Room 1

Days: Saturdays

Times: 10.30-12.30

Dates: October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th December 3rd

Performance: Sunday 4th December on the Main Stage at Band on the Wall

N.B. Concessions available only for full time students, unwaged, OAP.